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"Live for yourself an active life without dependence on glasses, contact lenses."

What is the procedure?

  • Operation of refractive disorders
  • Cataract surgery
  • Vitreoretinal operations
  • Operation of glaucoma
  • All surgical procedures are performed outpatient and painlessly
  • The clinic specializes in multifocal lenses
  • We work exclusively with materials from world renowned companies
  • Every patient after implantation of artificial lenses will receive a certificate - a small technical certificate of the manufacturer and the technical parameters of the lens
  • We have top eye surgeons
  • We will accommodate your time. We also offer weekend surgery
  • Short waiting times
  • Personal approach staff
  • Satisfaction questionnaire. We are interested in what you think.
  1. Makeing an appointment - prepare your social security number, telephone number, email address
  2. Examination appointment - according to your possibilities
  3. Together we will find the best solution for your vision
  4. All surgical procedures are performed outpatient and painlessly with the possibility of weekend appointment
  5. Postoperative check up examinations
  6. Live an active life without addiction

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