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Price list

Initial examination 1 500,-CZK
Prevention Program BASIC2 500,-CZK
Prevention Program PREMIUM5 000,-CZK

Operation of refractive disorders (price per eye)
10 000,-CZK

Cataract surgery (price per eye)
10 000,-CZK

Package "STANDARD" - spherical monofocal lens free
Excellent distance vision

Package "PERFECT"
+ Monofocal aspherical lens
Excellent distance vision, visual acuity in worsened lighting
3 000,-CZK
++ Monofocal aspherical "Violet"
Excellent distance vision, focus and prevention of AMD
5 000,-CZK
+++ Monofocal aspheric toric lens
Excellent distance vision, focus and eliminate astigmatism
from 12 500,-CZK

Package "PREMIUM"
+ Bifocal multifocal lens
Vision without glasses for near, distance and middle distance
15 000,-CZK
++ Multifocal toric lens
Vision without glasses for near, distance and middle distance and at the same time eliminate astigmatism
25 000,-CZK
+++ WORLD NEWS Trifocal multifocal lens
Unique multifocal lens that addresses all three distances close, distance and middle distance in the same quality
from 26 000,-CZK

LRI - the removal of a lower degree of astigmatism
An incision in cornea with diamond knife
3 500,-CZK

Monovision - better near vision and distance vision
We implanted in the eye lenses with varying refractive massiveness
2 500,-CZK

Retina and vitreous surgery
Vitreous bleeding 11 000,-CZK
Vitreous opacities 11 000,-CZK - 22 000,-CZK
Retinal detachment 15 000,-CZK - 35 000,-CZK
Retinal disease (Diabetes) 13 000,-CZK - 35 000,-CZK
Operations macular edema 15 000,-CZK - 35 000,-CZK
Macular hole surgery 15 000,-CZK - 35 000,-CZK
Draining silicone oil 2 700,-CZK - 10 000,-CZK
Application of Avastin (intraocular injection)3 500,-CZK